The introduction to Puglia by some Primitive varieties including the unknown as yet unnamed most likely occurred in the 12th century by the Benedictines.

In Gioia del Colle monks found favorable conditions for growing grapes. Pascual is the original name of Gioia del Colle Primitivo and reported in the original language prematève or prematìve. Selected at the end of the 18th century by the priest Don Francesco Filippo Indellicati Pasha, who gave this vine maturation in precocious germination but so late, the name primitivo.

The primitive was the first vine to cross the Atlantic to arrive in California where it has spread as Zinfandel.


Adelfia is a small farming town of about 15000 inhabitants, in the province of Bari, situated 180 meters above sea level. Enjoys the continuing influence of the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea, just 15 km to about 50 km.

Constantly caressed by the winds of tramontana and scirocco sees the development of viticulture with a careful placement of North-South rows.

The cold but dry Mistral wind passes so between plants drying the grapes and eliminating the presence of mold.

The beginning of the Hill, the green valleys make landscape as a bucolic painting.

The objective of the quality in the vineyard also passes through the man's hand, which can become decisive when you have to plant a new vineyard with the choice of the territory and plant density.

It is curious that the birth of Adelfia, located near the first slopes of the murge territory, not far from the capital, is almost recently. In 1927 Victor Emmanuel III sanctioned the Union of the nearby towns of Montrone and Canneto, under the name of Adelfia by grego adelphos, brother. It is singular as the town has a peculiar duplicity, beginning with the dialect that derives from different matrices and the coexistence of two different centres with its own characteristics. In a context so particular physiognomy, agriculture has always assumed a primary role in the local economy and in the wine field on the territory of Adelfia is reputedly one of the most interesting in Italy.

The Emperor family for generations in the wine world, seen today in Sonia fierce producer with their papers in order to achieve significant goals. There is no futile eccentricity in the line taken by the winery, but a serene restatement of tradition in a modern way, with growing sapling density per hectare and oenological practices carried out in a karst cave of the ' 700.  The products enjoy great identity, with frontline Primitivo VIII Decumanus mouth Pliant and agreeable.

The range is completed with a sparkling wine obtained from Fiano, aromatic white grape variety, dubbed the Traminer.